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  • SL-T812 Terminal Pull Tester

    SL-T812 Terminal Pull Tester

    SL-T812 Terminal Pull Tester

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  • SL-T812 Terminal Pull Tester

    Terminal tension tester is a testing equipment developed by our company for the wire harness and electronics industry.
    Designed to detect the pull-out force of various harness terminals. Configurable NK, HF push-pull gauges and special fixtures
    The instrument has the characteristics of compact equipment, accurate control, high measurement accuracy, convenient sample clamping and simple operation, and is an ideal equipment for wire harness manufacturers to ensure product quality.


    Horizontal installation.
    Manual operation, simple and stable operation.
    The machine can be mounted on a table to make the rack more stable.


    Technical parameters
    450 mm × 260 mm × 160 mm.

    Effective stroke: 50mm.
    Rated load: 500N. (Can also be configured with 1000N)
    Net weight: 10.6Kg.

    Test operation process
    1. Place the wire part of each harness terminal at the end of the left clamp, and rotate the handle to clamp the wire part (the harness terminal has been pressed).
    2. Place the other end of the harness terminal into the clamp of the right clamp and rotate the handle to keep the end of the harness terminal stuck in the middle.
    3. Use the M4 Allen key to align the center of the left clamp to the center of the right clamp.
    4. If the HF series (digital display push-pull force meter) is used to push and pull the timing, turn on the power, and wait until the LCD display shows zero.
    5. If the push-pull timing of the NK series (pointer type force gauge) is installed, press the toggle button to return the finger to the zero position.
    6. Turn the handle of the body to move the left clamp to the left and the right clamp to clamp the terminal.

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