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  • Needle Metal Detector Machine

    Needle Metal Detector Machine

    Needle Metal Detector Machine

    Needle Metal Detector Machine

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  • Textile Testing Equipment Needle Metal Detector Machine


    Product introduction

    It can be detected from the products of iron impurities in metals. Once detected, an alarm with a metal stop or return after can manually remove the metallic impurities of products. detection head coil using a new detection technology, the machine has a powerful anti-jamming capability.


    Packaging test - the factory before the final metal detection, weighing, when testing, labeling was detected

    Technical Parameters

    (1) Detect methodElectromagnetic wave detection

    (2) Display screen4.3 inch touch color screen

    (3) Operation methodTouch operation

    (4) Detecting width: 50cm( custom width available)

    (5) Detecting height:  15cm ( custom height available)

    (6) Detecting sensitivityFe 1.5-2.0mm US304 2.0-3.0mm ((Affected by product effect and environment)

    (7) Sensitivity adjustment: 20-90 level adjustment

    (8) Phase: 1-359 adjustable 

    (9) Detecting adjustment: Intelligent adjustable

    (10) Belt Speed: 0~60m /min Adjustable

    (11) Sound volume: 1~7 degree adjustable

    (12) Frequency: fine-tuning (Don’t adjust unless necessary)

    (13) Alarm time: 1~10second adjustable

    (14) Alarm mode: The buzzer alarm, the motor automatically stop, or add auto reject device

    (15) Infrared emitter (Counter): Available, with Anti-interference function

    (16) Load bearing: 5~10kg

    (17) Power supply: AC220V,50Hz 

    (18) Power: 180W

    (19) Machine Weight: 130KG

    (20) Machine size:160cm (L) * 69cm (W) *130 cm (H) (Customized available)

    (21) Material: stainless steel

    Product Features

    1. Double circuit electromagnetic wave detection, new analog circuit and digital circuit combination, greatly improve product reliability and intelligence degree.

    2. It adopts new touch screen input and large-scale integrated circuit. The CPU completes the analog signal collection and converts it into digital quantity for processing and output, and automatically searches for the best point of the detected metal content, which greatly improves the sensitivity and reliability of the detection.

    3. With intuitive interface design, the whole operation process is simple and intuitive, and the simply interface is clear at a glance. All functions can be directly operated on the screen to complete the functions performed.

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