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  • SL-T805A 5T/10T Computer Servo Tensile Testing Machine

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  • SL-T805A 5T/10T Computer Servo Tensile Testing Machine


     This test machine is suitable for the following tests: 

    1. Tensile test of metal sheet, wire and fiber; 

    2. Tensile, compression and bending test of plastic, rubber and composite; 

    3. Pull-off and peeling of electronic parts , welding strength, small deformation, test; 

    4. bending strength test of the circuit board; 

    5. peeling test of the printed circuit board; 6. spring test


    Software introduction

    This test software interface luxury features super high price and low cost performance, can be used for pulling, pressing, bending, folding, shearing, stripping, etc. Testing is applicable to metal, non-metal, all kinds of special materials and finished products. All test items are covered in this version of the software. The use of fuzzy control makes the control system debugging extremely simple and the test software easy to learn.

    Power: Japan Matsushita AC servo control system
    Transmission components: imported from Germany without gap precision ball screw and timing timing belt
    Guided optical axis: high hardness steel is hardened, the surface is bright, wear-resistant, never rust, no deformation, etc.
    Body: Special treatment with high quality steel and high-grade baking varnish, beautiful and durable, no discoloration, no discoloration.
    Fixture structure: The universal quick-connecting clamp joint with special matching design, the installation fixture is fast, convenient, accurate and practical, so as to improve the test efficiency.
    Reducer: It adopts the principle of two- or three-speed shifting of synchronous wheel, high torque and low noise.
    Load cell: Load capacity 5N-5000KN, accuracy 0.5% in accordance with BS EN ISO 7500 Part 1 and ASTM E4. Accuracy of ±0.5% reading reduced to 2% of the load range. Readings dropped to zero load
    Technical parameters
    Load capacity: 5N, 50 N, 100 N, 500 N, 1 KN, 5 KN, 10 KN, 20 KN, 30 KN, 50 KN, 100 KN.
    Load accuracy: ±0.5% of display value, ±1% can be selected; test speed: 0.01-510mm/min.
    Machine stroke: 1400mm (including fixture) Static space 650; Test width: 530 left and right infinity.
    Machine weight: about 450kg; power unit: kgf, KN, N, lbf, etc.; 5T outer size: 1005 * 585 * 1850.
    Optional parts
    1. Large deformation is generally used for materials with large deformation and elasticity, and it is necessary to install a double-point punctuation extension device;
    2. Small deformation metal materials generally use a double-sided electronic extensometer or strain gauge.
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