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  • SL-T810 Ring Crush Strength Tester

    SL-T810 Ring Crush Strength Tester

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  • SL-T810 Ring Crush Strength Tester 


    Quality testing can be performed on a variety of paper ring crush, horizontal pressure, side pressure, adhesive and general compressive 5 kinds of tests.

    Induction principle

    This machine with high precision sensor, the software analysis in digital show the strength of specimen. Specimens will be placed in the film, the specimens with clamp, and then pressure evenly, make sample free bulging with film, until broken sample, applying a maximum hydraulic specimens pop strength values. The ring compression testing machine is designed for mechanical and electrical integration structure, use of modern mechanical design concept and microcomputer processing techniques for rational design meticulously. Instrument adopts the press table stationary and high accuracy of measurement. Standard of instrument has contained in the various parameters testing, conversion, adjust, data printing, etc. Has powerful data processing function, can direct the statistical results of all information, convenient operation, easy adjustment, stable performance.

    Conform to the standard

    CNS2956, JISP8126, TAPPIT472

    Standard configuration

    A pay of vertical pressure clamp  
    Optional configuration
    Parallel sampler, Ring crushes sampler, Extrusion fixture, Flat fixture, Agglutination intensity of fixture.

    Technical parameters

     Capacity   60 ~ 5000 n
     value for + / - 1%
     1 n
     Linking piece 
     ¢100 mm
     Pressure plate spacing 
     75 mm
     The test speed 
     12.7 mm/min
     Geometric error 
      flatness < 0.05 mm 
     Parallelism error is less than    1/2000 x B (B is circular clamp diameter)
     Marion   1/4 HP
     500 * 270 * 270 mm (W * D * H)
     52 kg
     Power supply 
     1 30, AC220V, 1.5 A
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