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  • SDC Humidity Control Fabric

    Humidity Control Fabric to meet ISO/BS standards, 1 piece 250mm (10”) X 150mm (6”),This is an azoic dyed cotton fabric with specified fading properties, which varies with the amount of relative humidity. 

    It is used as a calibration tool for light fastness testing. When the humidity of the light fastness testing machine is correctly set it will fade at an identical rate to the light fastness standard Number 5.

    What is Rh in textile?                                                                                         

    of all textile fiber whether natural or synthetic are influenced by Moisture Regain. Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature in Textile Spinning Mill Moisture regain is the ratio of the moisture to the bone-dry weight of the material expressed as a percentage.

    How humidity is created artificially?                                                                            

     Humidification is the artificial regulation of humidity in environments. When the atmosphere becomes too dry, moisture is drawn from surrounding materials within the environment such as furniture, paper, textiles, fruit, animals and even people.

    Why is humidity needed?
    Humidity can affect human health because it affects our thermal comfort - in other words, whether we feel too hot or too cold. When the weather is warm and humidity is high, the body finds it difficult to keep cool, because it's harder to remove heat via evaporation of sweat into the air..

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