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  • SL-F10 Fabric Colorfastness Crock Meter

    SL-F10 Fabric Colorfastness Crock Meter

    SL-F10 Fabric Colorfastness Crock Meter

    SL-F10 Fabric Colorfastness Crock Meter

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  • Textile Testing Equipment Fabric Colorfastness Crock Meter for AATCC Test Method 


    Product introduction

    One of the testing for determination of color fastness of dyed or printed textiles or leather is the crocking test. This test is used for the determination of color fastness against rubbing, either under dry or under wet conditions. In this test and moving brass finger of specified shape and size rubs against the test specimens under test and the amount of color transferred to a piece of abradant fabric fixed over the base of the moving finger are graded with the help of standard grey scales to evaluate the color fastness against rubbing.

    Technical parameters

    Diameter of the Finger 16 mm for Textiles / 25 mm for floor covering.
    Load on the finger 900 g
    Length of travel of the finger 100 + 3 mm
    Size of the test specimen 200 x 50 mm

    Rubbing head diameter 16mm
    Vertical pressure 9N+/-10%
    Rubbing head track 104/100mm (Can be adjust)
    Dimensions 660 x 160mm x 215mm (L x W x H)
    Weight 6kg

    BS 1006 D02 ISO 105x12/D02 M&S C8

    AATCC 8/165 BS4655 NEXT 6

    Accessories AATCC rubbingcloth pack of 1
    Sand pack of 1
    Rings pack of 1

    Testing Standards

    IS 766 - 1988 Method of Determination of color fastness of textile materials to rubbing.
    AATCC Method 8 – 1969 Color Fastness to Crocking (Rubbing)
    ISO RIOS (X12) – 1984 Textiles - Test for color fastness part. Part X12 - Color Fastness to rubbing.

    IS 6191 - 1971 Methods of Micro-Biological color fastness and Microscopically tests for leather.


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