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  • SL-L06 Ross Flexing Tester

    SL-L06 Ross Flexing Tester

    SL-L06 Ross Flexing Tester

    SL-L06 Ross Flexing Tester

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  • Ross Flexing Tester


    Shoes Ross Flexing Tester is used for flexing test at a 90°angle of rubber products, sole materials, PU, etc. by subjecting specifically prepared specimens to repeated bend flexing. The damage and cracking condition is then observed.



    The sample is repeatedly subjected to deflection at a certain angle and a certain degree of frequency to examine the degree of damage and cracking.



    1. Be able to test 0~12pcs specimens;

    2. Counter with LCD display;

    3. 90°bending angle.


    Technical parameters

     Specimen No.  6 groups (12pcs)
     Flexing angle  90°
     Flexing speed  60~100c.p.m (adjustable)
     Counter  LCD, 0~999,999
     Dimensions  58 cm × 60 cm × 32 cm
     Weight  approx. 58kg
     Power supply  220V, 50/60Hz single phase; 110V, 60Hz,single phase (as required)


    Testing standards
    ASTM-D1052 SATRA TM60 ISO-5423


    Please review video of the Ross Flexing Tester operation as below link:



    Footwear Testing Equipment ASTM-D1052 SATRA TM60 Ross Flexing Tester

    What is Ross Flex?

    Description. Ross Flex Tester is designed to determine the resistance of vulcanized or synthetic elastomers to cut growth. The system does so under continuously bend flexing in 90°. This digital system has a memory function and is suitable for PU, PVC and TPR foams.

    What is a Flex Tester?

    Flex Tester is to test the resistance to folding of flexible materials, such as rubber, leather, synthetic fabrics, films, etc.

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