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    Product Description

    Hot Air Oven is a laboratory test equipment widely used for sterilization.

     It makes the most favorable use of dry heat to cleanse. 

    Skyline is engaged in manufacturing and exporting superior-quality Lab Hot Air Oven 

    which is extensively demanded in laboratories for testing.

    The Hot Air Oven functions electrically,  and a fan is duly installed in the machine that ensures a uniform temperate inside the chamber. 

    The ovens have quality insulation with top-quality glass wool insulation, which is supplied to 

    fulfill various industrial requirements.

    Utilizing forced air circulation, hot air ovens are used in the laboratory to perform the effect of aging on various properties of any type of material.

    Techncial parameters

     Inside Body  Stainless Steel (SS 304)
     Out Side Body   MS Powder coated with stove enamel paint. (Fully SS Models also available) 
     No. of Selves   2 Adjustable Perforated Selves
     Body Structure  Double Walled structure filled with glass wool insulation
     No. of Heaters  2 x 1000 Watts
     Heater's Quality  High Quality Chrome Heater insulated with ceramic beads
     Air Circulation  By Air Circulating Fan to ensure even temperature distribution
     Ventilation   Ventilation port with adjustable Opening
     Temp. Control  By Digital Temperature indicator and Controller 
     Temp. Display   Digital Temperature display
     Range of Temp   Ambient to 250oC
     Accuracy  0.1oC
     Least Count  1oC
     Power Supply  220 Volt AC 50 Hz. Single Phase
     Related Standards  ASTM D 5427 - 98

    What are the types of hot air oven?

    There are two types of hot air ovens. One is a forced air hot air oven and the other is a static air hot air oven. 

    The forced air hot air oven is more effective than the static air hot air oven. 

    The forced air hot air oven works by heating the oven and using a fan to move the hot air around.

    Is a hot air oven the same as a fan oven?

    A forced air oven or hot air oven is simply an oven with a fan. 

    Most domestic and laboratory ovens these days have a fan to help distribute the heat evenly around the oven. 

    Without a fan you will often get cold or hot spots, meaning uneven heating, drying or testing.

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