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  • SL-LC001 Pulley Durability Tester

    SL-LC001 Pulley Durability Tester

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  • Children Products Lab Testing Equipment Skate Shoe Durability Tester 

    Products Information

    Skate Shoe Durability Tester complies with GB/T20096-2006 standard It is designed for the skate shoes are under external friction to check the wheel wear resistance.(According to customer special requirements or standard design of this machine)


    Fixed roller shoes, with a certain weight of the weight, set the speed and time, repeated friction wheel, and then check Depending on whether the wheel deformation, cracking whether the impact of sliding and other anomalies.



    1. Can set the test time and display the actual test time
    2. Has a memory function, when not set to set the test time to stop testing, the current actual test, You can choose to continue testing or zero to restart the test
    3 . The test speed is adjustable to meet the needs of different speed test
    4 . The specimen of the lifting and release of the use of pneumatic control


    Technical parameters

     Model   SL-LC001
     Weight  5kg *8
     With heavy weights  A: 2410g, B:1955g, C:1411g, D: 929g, E:529g
     Load  Athletic 60kg
     leisure class 40kg
     Peripheral speed  0~1.0m /s Adjustable
     Accuracy  0.1m/s
     Test time  3h Or specified by customers
     Counter  LCD display0 ~ 999,999,999sadjustable
     Volume (about)  99×89×190 cm(W×D×H)
     Weight (about)  420kg
     Power supply  AC 220V 50HZ (Depending on country or specify)
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