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     SL-F26 Digital Fabric Pick Counter

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  • Digital Fabric Pick Counter



    Digital Fabric Pick Counter is used to determine the thread density of woven fabrics
    and loop density of knitted fabrics. Equipped with a portable high-precision camera to capture
    and magnify pictures of fabrics, the number of threads or loops on captured pictures can be

    counted easily on the screen of the computer by the software

    Testing Standards

     ISO 7211.2   ASTM D3775 


     1, Two language version software, in Chinese or English according to the requirement of customers;

    2, The camera is portable and can be connected to the PC by the USB interface;

    3, Three measuring methods: “Auto Count”, “Positioning Count” and “Manual Count”; can be applicable for

    different colors and patterns fabrics;

    4, The measuring software is equipped with the function of memorizing the positioning, so it is convenient for

    users to measure the count on different pictures of the same fabric with the same positioning.

    5, The color of the measuring lines can be changed according to the color of fabrics in case that error is

    caused by the closeness of the color of measuring lines to that of fabrics.

    6, The software will automatically display a standard line on the picture to check whether the positioning is

    accurate or not after the manual positioning.

    Technical parameter
       Magnification of the camera        20×~400× 
      Specimen           Woven fabrics, knitted fabrics 
      Measuring direction               Vertical/Horizontal
      Counting direction            Warp-wise/Weft-wise
      Display mode                         Thread/10mm and thread/inch
      Mode of storing results   In text files


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