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  • SL-T26 Table Integrated Test Machines

    SL-T26 Table Integrated Test Machines

    SL-T26 Table Integrated Test Machines

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  • Table Integrated Test Machine


    This test machine used for testing the strength and stability of tables and trollys.Can do following testing.

    Strength testing
    1. Vertical static load test
    2. Sustained load test
    3. Horizontal static load test

    4. Vertical impact test

    Stability Testing
    1. Vertical stability test
    2. Horizontal impact test.

    Testing standard: IS5967

    Technical parameters

     Basic Test Frame  2.5x2.5x2m,be made of 80x80mm Alu.material
     Load air cylinder  diameter 50mm, 4 pcs,stroke 300mm,max load force up to 1500N
     Impact cylinder  diameter 50mm, 1pcs, stroke 400mm
     Load air cylinder  diameter 80mm,1pcs,stroke 500mm, max load force up to 2500N
     Force sensor  high precision sensor,capacity 2KN,4 pcs;5KN,1 pcs
     Control way   touch screen + PLC control
     Counter   0~999999 times (can by adjusted)
     Force adjust  precision pressure valve equipment with sensor to disply
     Air supply  7kgf/cm^2
     Power supply  1∮ AC 220V 50Hz 5A

    1. Use high quality Alu.material to make the frames, elegant appearance
    2. Testing frames use sheave structure, can be adjusted to fit different sample.
    3. Bottom fix panel can be adjusted to fit different size sample
    4. With PLC controller, easy operate

    Testing Standards 

    EN 527-3, EN581-3 and BIFMA X5.1, IS5967

    What is a testing table?

    Test tables are used to provide a structure to testing. Programmers will often create a table with a selection of normal, extreme and exceptional data that they intend to use during testing. The table will include: a column for the expected result. a column for what actually happens when the program runs.


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