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  • SL-T12 Sofa Durability Testing Machine

    SL-T12 Sofa Durability Testing Machine

    SL-T12 Sofa Durability Testing Machine

    SL-T12 Sofa Durability Testing Machine

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  • Sofa Durability Tester

    Product Introduction

    It is used to testing the sofa back, seat, and arm’s durability.

    Use a loading with specified form, frequency to repeatedly load on seat, back and arm surface loading. This test method is to simulate everyday use, the sofa on the long-term repeatability of the load bearing capacity. The machine adopts PLC touch screen and the program control. Can all loading frequencies, loading control the intensity of programming. The most reasonable regulation structure.

    Relevant parameters

    Seat surface loading force is 750 Newton
    Loading force on the back is 400 Newton
    Test cycle: 25000 times to 200000 times
    1) Press power adjustable, sit pressure maximum pressure = 200 kg, back pressure maximum = 80 kg.
    2) Can be tested for single seat, two-seater and three seats of the sofa, each group can independent regulation.

    3) Power source: 220 v, power = 500 watts, the air source: pressure = 7 Kg/cm2


    BS4875, BIFMA x5.1 \ X5.4

    How do you test a couch?

    Better-quality pieces have foam covered by batting enclosed in muslin.

    Unzip seat cushions. ...

    Knead the frame along back, rail, corners and arms. ...

    The sofa back should be padded to give a finished look. ...

    Check inside removable back cushions. ...

    Reversible cushions help fabric and filling last longer.

    What does a furniture tester do?

    Your responsibilities as a furniture tester are to test pieces of furniture before they hit the showroom by sitting, lying, and moving around on them. You evaluate each product based on comfort, ergonomics, and even safety.

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