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  • SL-S15  Liquid Leakage Testing Needle

    SL-S15  Liquid Leakage Testing Needle

    SL-S15  Liquid Leakage Testing Needle

    SL-S15  Liquid Leakage Testing Needle

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  • Leakage Test Needle

    Application of Leakage Test Needle:

    Leakage test needle is used to detect whether liquid leakage will occur after a force of 5N is applied to the outer surface of the toy filled with liquid through a steel needle.




    Diameter 1MM, the top radius 0.5MM, load 5N, for leakage testing, 

    Dimension Tolerance: + /-0.05mm

    Testing Standards

     EN71-1; ISO8124-1 


    1.Independent carton packaging

    2.In Stock


    Within 30 s of removing the toy from conditioning, apply a force of (5+0.50)N to the external surface of the toy through a steel needle with a diameter of 1 mm 0,1 mm and with a tip radius of 0,5 mm 0,05 mm.

    How do you test for leakage?

    Here are some of the most common leak test methods:

    Burst. This leak test method uses either a destructive or a non-destructive test that ramps pressure in order to find the point at which the device will break open (i.e., burst).

    Chamber. ...

    Pressure crack. ...

    Pressure / vacuum. ...

    Pressure decay. ...

    Vacuum decay. ...


    Which instrument is used in leakage test?

    Six different product lines are available to make controls and measurements on systems and components to detect air, gas, water and oil leaks. The principeles applied are: leak detection by filling and pressure decay, flow rate measures volumetric tests, leak detection by tracing gas like Helium and ultrasonic tests.

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