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  • SL-L17 Vamp Flexing Machine

    SL-L17 Vamp Flexing Machine

    SL-L17 Vamp Flexing Machine

    SL-L17 Vamp Flexing Machine

    SL-L17 Vamp Flexing Machine

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  • Vamp Flexing Machine


    This machine is used to test vamp flex test-resistance to creasing and cracking


    Product information

    To primarily intended to determine the propensity for materials to crack or be used to assess whether leathers are likely to produce salt spue. In particular the test simulates conditions in the vamp part of footwear during walking. The test can be conducted with either wet or dry specimens at room temperature or with dry specimens at sub zero temperatures. The method is applicable to all flexible materials and in particular those used to manufacture outers and linings of footwear uppers such as leathers, coated fabrics and textiles



    The sample is fixed on the fixture, and the clamp moves relative to each other, so that when the two clamps are close, the specimen is bent. During the test, the clamp moves at a constant speed, and the specimen is repeatedly bent. Observe the damage of the specimen.


    Technical parameters

     Clamp  40degree V-shaped
     Number of specimen  12pcs
     Zigzag frequency  300±30 times/min
     Counter  LCD, 0- 999, 999
     Test stroke  19mm
     Flexing speed  300±30CPM
     Sample size  64x64mm
     Dimensions  54 cm × 35 cm × 30 cm
     Weight  64kg



    ISO 4643

    ISO 5423 section 5.2

    EN ISO 20344-2004 Section 6.5.2

    AS/NZS 2210.2 Section 6.5.2

    EN ISO 22288

    SATRA TM25


    Please review video of the Vamp Flexing Tester operation as below link:


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